I am an illustrator from Los Angeles, CA. When I'm not indoors I Iike to hike, road trip, drum, shoot 35mm film, and fiddle around on my uke.

I moved to Los Angeles in January 2016 to pursue my dreams of working in the TV and film industry. In my first year living here I interned at Nickelodeon, made açai bowls at a cafe, and worked as a I/O editor at Ingenuity Studios. Most recently I've worked as a Color Stylist at Titmouse Animation, and am now a Background Artist (94% paint, 5% layout and 1% Color Styling)  on the Tom and Jerry show!  I've also freelanced for Unikitty and Minerva Consulting. 

You can reach me at mira@mira-ko.com for freelance and other collaborative opportunities, including background painting, background layout, color styling, storyboard revisions, and children's book illustration.  

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