I am an illustrator from Los Angeles, CA. 

Currently, I am a Background Painter on the Tom and Jerry show! I have also freelanced for Unikitty at Warner Brothers. 

I moved to LA from the Washington DC area in 2016 after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts to pursue my dream of working in the animation industry. I began my career at Nickelodeon as an intern and worked for Titmouse soon afterwards as a Color Stylist.

When I am not indoors I Iike to hike, rock climb, shoot 35mm film, and make kitchenware at a pottery studio!

I can be reached at mira@mira-ko.com!


Background Painter on Tom and Jerry (and occasional layout artist /color stylist)

Freelance Background Painter on Unikitty at Warner Brothers Animation

Color Stylist at Titmouse Animation Studio

Intern at Nickelodeon Animation Studios


Gallery Nucleus - Dream Destinations: A Disney Travel Poster Show (2018) 
Light Grey Art Lab: Tiny Homes (2017)
Nickelodeon Spring Intern Gallery Show (2016)
Light Grey Art Lab: Color Anthropology (2016)
Light Grey Art Lab: Patches and Stitches (2015)
3x3 International Illustration Annual No. 12: Bronze in Student Competition  (2015) 


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